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Being accused of a crime can be a harrowing experience. A criminal conviction can bring about not only incarceration and fines, but also difficulties securing housing, jobs, and professional licenses, along with a criminal record and reputational harms. However, you should not fight criminal charges alone. Whether you were charged with DUI, drug trafficking, or murder, you should retain a seasoned Jacksonville criminal defense lawyer to fight for you. Kevin M. Cobbin offers outstanding and personalized legal representation to the accused. He represents people facing a wide range of criminal charges, some of which are discussed in more detail below.


You can be charged with DUI under Florida Statutes Section 316.193 under various circumstances. Driving under the influence happens if you are driving or in actual physical control of a vehicle while you are under the influence of alcohol, a chemical substance, or a controlled substance, such that your normal faculties are impaired, or while your blood or breath alcohol level is .08 or more. If it is your first conviction, your blood or breath alcohol level was less than .15, and there was no minor in the car, you will face up to six months of jail. For subsequent convictions or aggravating factors, the penalties are harsher.

Drug Crimes

In Florida, controlled substances are listed in five schedules. Schedule I drugs are those with a high potential for abuse and no currently accepted medical uses. The least harmful drugs are listed in Schedule V. The penalties that you can face for a drug crime depend on the type of drug and the amount involved. If you are found with more than a certain amount of a particular drug, you may face drug trafficking charges even if you have no ties to the drug underworld. Judges must impose mandatory minimum sentences for drug trafficking convictions. This makes it especially important to hire a criminal defense attorney in the Jacksonville area who can investigate all the possible defenses and strategies. For example, if the police conducted an unlawful search and seizure that revealed evidence of drugs, we might be able to get that evidence suppressed. The prosecution then might struggle to prove its case.

Gun Crimes

Common gun crimes in Florida include carrying a concealed firearm without a permit, possessing a firearm if you are a convicted felon, improper exhibition of a firearm or deadly weapon, and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. There are also firearms enhancements. Under the 10-20-Life Law, a mandatory minimum sentence must be imposed if a gun is used during the commission of certain enumerated felonies, such as drug trafficking, burglary, carjacking, aggravated stalking, or sexual battery. If you possess a firearm but do not discharge it, you will face a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years. Similarly, you can face a mandatory minimum term of 20 years if you discharge the firearm. If this discharge inflicts death or great bodily harm, you will face a mandatory minimum sentence of 25 years. Jacksonville criminal defense attorney Kevin M. Cobbin understands the harsh implications of this law and can fight to shield you from them.


Homicide, or causing the death of another person, is arguably the most serious crime that can be charged. Types of homicide charges include manslaughter, murder, homicide by vehicle, or assisting with someone’s suicide. For example, manslaughter is a second-degree felony prohibited under Section 782.07. In Florida, voluntary manslaughter occurs if a killing is intended, but there is no malice aforethought, unlike with murder. You could be charged if you killed someone in the heat of passion, for example. Aggravated manslaughter, which is a first-degree felony, may be charged if the victim falls into certain categories, such as when the victim is elderly, disabled, a minor, or a law enforcement officer.

Hire a Dedicated Criminal Attorney to Fight the Prosecution

You must take any criminal charges brought against you seriously. Even a conviction for a minor misdemeanor can permanently affect your life. If you need a seasoned criminal defense lawyer in the Jacksonville area, you should consult Kevin M. Cobbin. He represents people throughout Duval County and the surrounding areas. Call him at (904) 357-8448 or complete our online form.

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Cobbin. I would soon learn and had the pleasure of knowing that he came highly recommended and is widely respected from other attorneys, advocates, policemen to court officials. I am forever grateful to have had him resolve and win at least 5 different cases for those in my immediate and extended circle. What I feel is most complimentary is he has treated each case be it traffic or criminal with the same importance. Mrs. Rowser
Retaining the services of Mr. Cobbin is the best decision I’ve ever made. His professional and legal guidance has never steered me or my family wrong in our personal or professional matters. I personally recommend Attorney Kevin M. Cobbin for all your legal needs. Signal Z.
Mr. Cobbin was great from start to finish! He let me know what to expect before, during, and after court. He always responded to any question I had and never once left me in the dark. I would definitely hire him as my attorney and I recommend anyone looking for an attorney to do so as well! Ira A.