If you hurt yourself on someone else’s property, it warrants investigating whether or not that person or business maintained their premises in accordance with Florida law. At my Jacksonville firm, The Law Office of Kevin M. Cobbin, I thoroughly review the circumstances in slip and fall cases so that victims can obtain reimbursement for their injuries. I have 15  years of legal experience and make the strongest possible case for plaintiffs in cases involving unsafe walking surfaces, inadequate lighting and other conditions that create hazards for people visiting the property.


If you hurt yourself on someone else’s property, you need to find out whether the person or business responsible for the premises knew or should have known about the hazard. As an attorney who only works on behalf of personal injury victims, I have a detailed understanding of premises liability actions relating to:

  • Unsafe walking surfaces — Spilled liquid on a floor, a cracked sidewalk or some other damaged walking surface creates a serious risk for pedestrians.

  • Lack of handrails — If you’ve fallen on stairs, while riding an escalator or in some other location where a sound handrail could have prevented your injury, I can take on the person or business responsible for maintaining the premises.

  • Poor lighting — Elderly people and others can easily miss a step or an object on the ground if the property lacks sufficient lighting.

  • Failure to warn of hazardous conditions — Not every hazard can be cleared immediately, but property owners have a duty to warn guests of potential dangers.

  • Lack of maintenance or inspections — If reasonable steps haven’t been taken to maintain safe premises, ignorance is not an excuse if someone gets hurt due to a dangerous condition. I review relevant records and can interview witnesses to determine if the property you were injured on was neglected.

In a free initial consultation, my firm will assess your situation and evaluate what type of financial recovery you might receive in a verdict or settlement. No matter what the extent of your slip and fall injury is, it is critical that you contact an experienced slip and fall lawyer.


Over a single year, hospitalization costs for Floridians hurt in unintentional falls have amounted to more than $3.5 billion. With an average hospital stay for these injuries approaching $50,000, it’s crucial to understand the type of financial recovery that you can expect. Some people believe that slip and fall claims can only be brought against businesses or public bodies, but that’s not the case. Residential property owners are responsible for keeping homes and walkways safe for guests as well. The actions you take following an injury are critical. Always gather as much information as you can about the conditions and keep in mind that you can collect damages even if you are partly at fault.

Contact a Florida lawyer for a free consultation about your slip and fall injury

The Law Office of Kevin M. Cobbin advocates for northeast Florida plaintiffs who have been hurt during slip and fall incidents. Please call (904) 357-8448 or contact me online to make an appointment for a free initial consultation at my office in Jacksonville.

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